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  • Apostle



    this movie was so up my “satanic screaming fundamentalist torture” alley I watched it twice in a row. admittedly, I had also had seven drinks. one of them was this bourbon chili watermelon cocktail that really I didn’t expect to merge so well and have such a vivid flavor profile but it did. 

    also, how handsome is Dan Stevens? like, dang. I’d buy him a watermelon chili bourbon.

  • Blow-Up



    I expected this film to have a wildly different tone but instead it was kind of a jaunty nihilism and I’m always down for that

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  • Anguish



    ME: lucio fulci, have you seen Anguish? it’s a meta-slasher about eyes and visual perspective 
    LUCIO FULCI: [looking up from a plate of bleeding, skewered eyeballs] it’s-a good!

  • Blade II

    Blade II


    honestly? it’s got a horrendously specific dated sense of jerkoff nineties leather unironic cool. the CGI wavers between “video-game-like” and “impenetrably cartoonish”. some of the techno-rap music is like being assaulted. Donnie Yen doesn’t even speak. that’s frankly criminal. Donnie Yen doesn’t even speak

    it’s incredible top to bottom. fun! funny! violent! actual stakes! you know what this has that none of the fucking marvel movies have? it has an ending. the good guys win. the traitor dies because of…