Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

I was enjoying myself mostly (zombie tiger, guys!) but kept worrying “when is the painfully on the nose needle drop song going to hit me in the face with Snyder’s absolute lack of subtlety/when is someone going to go on an insane bloviating tangent about the power of great men” and luckily, only one of those things happened.

really it makes sense; Snyder’s last good movie was a zombie movie, so a return to rotting form would be when he makes a movie that doesn’t chug overproduced hyper-stylized dog turds. don’t get me wrong — this is still overproduced and hyper-stylized, but unlike completely misunderstanding what drives a superhero’s ethos or making weird ponderous un-art, with zombie movies, all that bullshit adds a little flair. and unlike ZSJL, this wasn’t painfully stupid and painfully slow-motion’d to watch. I mean, it’s Snyd-man, so it’s not like there isn’t any, but it’s not quite to the glacial extravaganza his last few movies have turned into. 

honestly, if he just kept making schlock, camp horror action, I’m sure my opinion of him would shift from “one of the least evolved directors to crawl out of the nineties/aughts music video scene” to “you know what, dude knows how to block a gory gunfight” because he sure doesn’t know how to write or demonstrate the kind of “epic” he seems to think his films have but he does know his way around making shotguns sound like a fusillade of imperial cannons.

grandeur is hard; cool zombie head explosions are not. 

so, for the first time since dawn of the dead, I give this snyder movie an “acceptable” out of “still brain dead trash, but fun brain dead trash.” 

Dave Bautista deserves more dramatic work. and hey, look, it’s Garret Dillahunt!

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