Fursonas ★★

while on the train in San Francisco some time ago, I happened to glance over at the train next to us, which happened to be packed to the gills with people in florid cartoon costumes of bears, wolves, birds and one truly malformed alligator* shouting and hollering and waving. everyone on our train rolled their eyes — it was always something back then in SF, nowadays it’s just a google bus broke down or something — and I snapped a couple pics and posted on twitter about it. 

turns out, that was their MO. go on public transit, make a huge scene, and then go on social media and point themselves out. they found my twitter. they pointed themselves out. I had some decent, albeit kooky interactions with them — a man in a wolf costume insisting he’s a wolf and making wolf noises is gonna be a little beyond me (and I wear a suit and make human noises a lot myself) — before eventually, somehow, furry drama started in the replies, furry nazis showed up, and I just muted the whole thing. not since replying with something dumb to the kanye tweet trump retweeted had I so many white supremacists and bad spellers in my feed. 

I dunno what the fuck is going on in the furry community, but they sure do manage to be an outlier of deeply strange in times when if confronted by extreme BDSM or sexual fetishry most people respond with “yeah, sure, whatever you’re into.” 

this documentary delves somewhat into the “furries are just normal people doing a thing!” before unfortunately it shows a spectacular cross section of delusional weirdos with no self awareness antagonizing people in the name of defending their thing. 

fucking weird shit, dudes! 

*Snagglegator. he followed me on twitter and replied to all of my selfies with weird “snarl/snap” thirst comments before eventually I blocked them. sexual tyrannosaurus? fine. sexual alligator? that’s where I draw the fucking line.

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