Scream ★★

wow the opening of this is incredible…and the rest of it falls the fuck apart immediately into contrivance and pretty obvious meta gags once the actual story gets in motion. also, didn’t Wes Craven already do this meta shit way better with New Nightmare? sure, it didn’t have as many bouncy starlets or annoying post-vj character actors, but I’m pretty sure New Nightmare is still brilliant and this was, well, all around pretty meh. turned out I remembered Scary Movie better than this because at least Scary Movie swings for the terrible punchline fences and this one is more “ha ha, what you thought was horror is in fact comedy, ha ha!” and that gets real old about 1/3 in. of course, in 1996, this movie was a revelation, but that was 1996, and the nineties were terminally fucking stupid. Independence Day and Jerry McGuire were riding high. I was trying to scam a copy of Bullet from our local vhs place because ‘Pac was in it. a simpler time for simpler people. now we’re complex adults, and we listen to Biggie. so that’s really the lesson here; mo’ movies, mo’ problems.

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