• The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    watched again — Denzel towers over every line like a colossus, everything either a snarl, a laugh, or a growl. the sense of fake minimal sets with grandiose implications drives you to contemplate that this is a stage, this is an act, this an actor, all these elements repeating, again and again. a play performed perpetually for more than four hundred years, again and again, invulnerable to semantic drift and endless in interpretation. Denzel fights with the casual blasé amusement…

  • The Wall

    The Wall


    as a fan of the sniper elite games I enjoyed this game of scoped cat and mouse but you could have made this forty minutes long and really fucking cooked with it. that said, does what it does and does it well.

  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers


    "mark my words, kid. the world is going to be one big corporation. and then no more microbreweries!"
    - Dick Miller

    for such a directed stream of piss towards the military industrial complex and mindless troop-worshipping mentalities this movie sure doesn't know how to focus. not that I don't want to watch Phil Hartman condescend to a teenage Kirsten Dunst and Tommy Lee Jones and Frank Langella are fantastic, which is amusing in and of itself. kind of an "everyone's…

  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    listen to me mate. you got possessed miners self-mutilating? time for a dissolve. you got the Species chick staring forlornly at a metal wall? time for a dissolve. you got Ice Cube mid-snarl? you better believe that’s time for a dissolve. Ghosts of Dissolves more fucking like. sure, Ice Cube bellowing come at me-grade shit is fun as hell, but the movie would only be that fun if it was all that. there’s long stretches of fucking nothing, and not…

  • Night Swim

    Night Swim


    on the one hand, an incredibly straightforward and presented without irony or eye-rolling meta-gags horror movie about a haunted pool is in and of itself a remarkable article. on the other hand, kind of not great, even with perfect angel Wyatt Russell? alas.

  • Vampires



    honestly this movie is kinda crap unless you’re into synthetic southwestern taint on your crisp carpenter but I gotta give credit where it’s due, I don’t think anyone killing vampires in any movie takes as much insane gusto and vile relish in the “killing” part of it as James Woods does in this. he wants to kill the fucking shit out of every fucking vampire he can. every line in this movie is him either saying moronically overcompensating tough guy…

  • Escape from L.A.

    Escape from L.A.

    like most New York to LA transitions, absolute dogshit and worse off than ever. the only good scene (“draw.”) seems to exist solely to remind you how good the first one was. shit this movie’s fucking boring. it’s just if you made the first one again (growly antihero, go get the thing) but made it uglier. I can see the beginning of the ghosts of mars of the end from here. I guess that’s how I feel about the transition…

  • Thanksgiving



    you expect me to believe any of these zoomer massholes know the words to a Pharcyde song? shit, I’ll start believing in ghosts before I believe that, and I don’t believe in fucking anything. 

    functional, fine, fuckered. I guess if you hankered for old Eli Roth then it’s a glorious return to form with a way too stupid ending, which to be fair is very Roth. it was fine. it was fine.

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to the Dollhouse


    describing what makes Solondz movies so excellent and notable makes you sound like you have several different personality disorders but it’s true; he makes movies about the anguish and horror behind humdrum banality and how abuse and obsession color every fragment of life. how many movies with a similar plot to this were played off as jokey slice of life comedies? a lot. all of the things in this movie exist. that’s the point. the movie isn’t a celebration of…

  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    In the Third Reich evil lost its distinctive characteristic by which most people had until then recognized it. The Nazis redefined it as a civil norm.

    a soundscape of empty depravity. echoes of suffering saturating into every moment. the mechanical nature of the suffering becoming part of the white noise. like traffic. like loud bottle drops. like the garbage coming at all hours of the night and morning. just noise.

    everything reduced to just noise to enjoy the simple pleasures…

  • Alien³



    Alien is about pregnancy. Aliens is about motherhood. Alien 3 is about unwantedness. strange it doesn’t work. possibly because 3 is chopped to shit and incoherent, but you’d think that thematic trilogy would be something cohesive and strong enough to carry it, and yet! even the Fincher cut doesn’t nail it. still. who knows what Alien Romulus will be about. my guess? anal. you never know who’s actually into it. some people view it as vile, others as a plateau of pleasure. it’s a world of contrasts.

  • Aliens



    part of the reason this holds up as the timeless and seminal classic of gargantuan influence (movies, video games, comics, etc) that it is comes from the undeniable truth that whatever the xenomorph is, it is so utterly brutal and alien and other that you get why these hardened, bad ass, shit talking, cocky and highly trained tactical marines with top of the line equipment barely last a total of 45 seconds in open confrontation. there isn’t a gun or…