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  • Two Plains & a Fancy

    Two Plains & a Fancy


    'Two Plains And A Fancy' will either entrance (as it did me) or utterly infuriate. It's by the team behind the wondrous 'L is for Leisure' and has the same droll seriousness and deliberate artifice with wonky cinematography (as if the world is indeed somewhat off kilter), low budget props and stilted dialogue.

    A self-styled 'Spa Western' about three character archetypes - for science, spirituality, and art - searching for the ultimate hot spring like some middle class thrill seekers…

  • Gwen



    This is so downbeat and utterly grim that as one hammer blow follows another, one does almost wait for the Monty Python moment when the dismembered knight squeaks 'I'll bite yer legs off' in misplaced and futile obduracy.

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  • In the Aisles

    In the Aisles


    This absolutely had me from the point at which fork lift trucks are shown moving to the accompaniment of the Blue Danube waltz in an empathetic paean to supermarket workers.

  • Creature Companion

    Creature Companion


    Interiority is inevitably largely ineffable. So an attempt to show how the body seeks to express some of that interiority and to adjust as a way of expressing it more fully is bound to hover, at times, on the borders of the ludicrous. That this film doesn't seem ludicrous most of the time is a testament to an intriguing experiment.