The Christmas Tree ½

Yeah, curiosity got the best of me one night. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Haha. The animation is almost nonexistent. There's only two frames for little things like talking, and most of the time, their faces move while their bodies are completely still! The story is a bunch of nonsense! I'm pretty sure the mayor isn't one to give out jobs. And instead of these children calling the cops for help, they decide to seek out Santa Clause in the North Pole. ......what?

Then there's the voice acting. Fuck me!! Some of the worst I've ever heard. Literally no one puts in any effort, save for maybe the one voicing Mrs. Mavilda. It also proves casting actual children doesn't always work. It's clear some of them just learned how to speak. Others include a teenager, and an adult who's voice is pitched up to an unnatural level. I could keep going. I could write a novel about the problems with this. To think the USA network aired this once.

And who names their kid Pappy?!

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