The Silence of the Lambs ★★★★★

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One of my new favorite movies ever!!! Jonathan Demme is definitely a favorite of mine after this!! I just love the way it was shot. In particular the close up shots of the characters faces, and where its looks like you're seeing things from Clarice's point of view. It was a nice touch, making you feel what she's feeling. I'm surprised Tak Fujimoto wasn't nominated!! Many scenes give you a sense of dread, like oh shit, what's next?!! Most notably, the final scene in the basement. Clarice is alone in the dark with the killer. He can see her, she CAN'T SEE HIM!!

The score by Howard Shore is incredibly chilling. They really add to the scenes like Clarice walking down the halls, doing her training regime, and facing Buffalo Bill in the climax!! The main performances from Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are brilliant!!! Every scene they have together is a highlight. Jodie really earned that Academy Award as she went from the agent in training, to the one that took down the killer!!! Compared to the other films, Hopkins was really only in it for 18 minutes, but he sure MADE THOSE MINUTES COUNT!!!

He has a very strong presence. The minute you see him, you KNOW he's bad news!! Ted Levine is very creepy as Buffalo Bill (It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again), and Scott Glenn was great as Jack Crawford. A sort of mentor type of Clarice, warning her of Hannibal's tactics. I'm wondering why he seemed so familiar, it's KEVIN GARVEY SR. of The Leftovers (so this is what drove him insane?!). All in all, a very enjoyable thriller!!!

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