John Wick ★★★

I was tryna have a fun time watching this cause I love my boy Keanu, but my family spent most of the runtime unfairly shitting on it which made me sorta like it less.

I absolutely adore the second movie, to the point where it’s kind of ruined this one for me.
There’s just so much more going on in the sequel and I don’t really find myself having as much fun with this one. It’s still a kickass action movie don’t get me wrong, there’s just something that doesn’t sit with me right here.
I still think it’s pretty good, and Keanu is going to have to majorly fuck up in life to make me not love him. 

Forgot to say, but yesterday was the one year anniversary of me making this shitty account. I’ve got my party hat on, happy birthday to me lol.

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