Tim Boester

Tim Boester


Educational psychologist, mathematician, puzzle-maker, hiker, avid moviegoer.

Favorite films

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  • Dune


  • Chaos on the Bridge


  • Anna


  • Spectre


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  • The Mummy

    The Mummy

    Not an auspicious start for the Dark Universe. The movie has no internal logic. How can the mummy know where the knife is and be surprised about the jewel? Anyway, the plane crash was fun.

  • River



    A solid installment of the on-the-run genre, an American physician finds himself fleeing from the Laotian authorities after he tries to intervene in a crime and inadvertently implicates himself. I never doubted the peril (not once was I wondering “Why doesn’t he just … ?!”), as he gets into more than a couple of very legitimate, very dicey situations. Loved the ending.

    Full disclosure: the print sent to the festival had no subtitles. Most of the film was in English, but two key conversations are in French. I'm pretty sure I got the gist, but I cannot be certain.