Revenge of the Pink Panther ★★★½

Also known as "the one with Dyan Cannon."

I think this may have been the first Pink Panther film I'd ever seen, which, in hindsight, might have been a mistake. I didn't have much choice in the matter, though, as I was just a kid and I didn't exactly drive myself to the movie theater. I lacked familiarity with the characters back then. However, today I can say that this film is... well... it's okay.

At times it felt like a cartoon. It was less like James Bond and more like, well, an actual Pink Panther cartoon. I think Clouseau had more disguises this time, and each one more ridiculous than the last. Minor spoiler: someone farts. There's no explanation as to who farted, but was this really necessary? None of the previous films had flatulence, so this may be a case of "let's do it because we've never done it before." In fact, you could make the same case for the whole movie.

Still, there are laughs to be had here. If Peter Sellers knew that this was going to be his last Pink Panther film, it might have turned out differently.