Trail of the Pink Panther ★★★

Also known as "the one with the clips."

After Revenge of the Pink Panther, and the death of Peter Sellers in 1980, there was no way that this franchise could keep going. Or could it? Someone thought so. The result? A mishmash of clips that you've seen before, mixed in with new scenes that kind of stitch together a plot. Clouseau gets on a plane, and it mysteriously disappears. Dreyfus can't be bothered to find him. Without Clouseau, Dreyfus can live in peace and sanity. Only a French TV reporter is interested in finding out what happened to Clouseau. In the end, Clouseau's disappearance is left as a mystery, which is how the franchise should have ended (and in my mind, it did).

If you're thinking of watching Curse of the Pink Panther after watching this one, please don't. This series died when Sellers died. I have never seen Son of the Pink Panther, and have no intention to do so.