Star Wars

The Skywalker Saga is what started it all. Sure, they started in the middle of the story, worked their way around, and now here we are. More movies are coming, and who knows where they will take us.

Lego Star Wars titles are on my Legoboxd list.

Timeline information in the notes is linked to Wookiepedia articles.

BBY - (years) Before the Battle of Yavin
ABY - (years) After the Battle of Yavin

The High Republic - 300 BBY82 BBY
Fall of the Jedi - 32 BBY19 BBY
Reign of the Empire - 19 BBY5 BBY
Age of Rebellion - 5 BBY5 ABY
The New Republic - 5 ABY—33 ABY
Rise of the First Order - 33 ABY35 ABY

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