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  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch


    A collage of ideas and genre film tropes, less of a cohesive whole and more of an abstraction of characters colliding in provocative ways. Mileage will vary wildly on whether that is what some look for in a movie. I think the performances are quite fantastic, the soundtrack is razor sharp (upholding the expectations set forth AGWHAAN), and it's a beautifully shot movie. It feels as though the sum is less than its parts, however I appreciate the parts it brought to the table. Much of the film continues to linger with me, continuing to savor it.

  • Beatriz at Dinner

    Beatriz at Dinner


    While the movie had my interest throughout the runtime with magnetic performances by Hayek, Britton, and Lithgow it didn't quite come together. Beatriz (Hayek) is an unexpected late addition to a dinner between well-to-do land developers who are greatly lacking in moral fiber or empathy. These ideals, or lack thereof, crystallized in Doug Strutt (Lithgow). During the movie I couldn't tell how many of Beatriz's quirks as a spiritual healer were played for laughs or sympathy. That tonal ambiguity of…

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  • Grabbers



    Feeling like a throwback to a horror classic such as The Blob, Grabbers trades in suburban America for a small Irish town and gelatinous alien for copious tentacles. The twist the townsfolk discover to aid them in their struggle: the aliens, Grabbers, aren't keen on alcohol-tainted blood. Easiest way to solve that: get turnt before the fight.
    The effects spent bringing the critters to life was satisfying and the gore is enjoyably over the top. Also like the horror movies…

  • Prevenge



    Alice Lowe's sense of jet-black humor is at a speed I am definitely down with. In short Prevenge is a movie about a pregnant woman (Lowe, wrote/directed/stars!) who is driven to homicidal activities by her unborn child. With an excellent score by Toydrum, Prevenge is a horror movie with a fair bit of laughs sprinkled amongst a decent body-count. Most encounters highlighting unsavory sexist behavior women are subjected to, making some kills have a particular sense of satisfying twisted justice to them.