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  • Oslo, August 31st

    Oslo, August 31st


    Ooph, a heartbreaking look at struggling with addiction.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Game Night delivers with fantastic jokes and a wonderful cast. I’m looking forward to revisiting this and sharing with friends that I boardgame with. Jesse Plemons is incredible. The score is a standout, another banger delivered by one of my favorite, Cliff Martinez. Applying his deft synth touch to a fun and propulsive caper.

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  • A Wrinkle in Time

    A Wrinkle in Time


    This is a beautifully ambitious movie that doesn’t really come together but reminds me of the inspirationally influential movies I grew up with from the 80s. The kinds of films like Neverending Story that lack a level of cohesive story skeleton but the imagery and emotions conveyed are burned into your brain. Walking out of Wrinkle felt like I had just stared at a bold star shining bright fueled by pure unapologetic emotions and dreams. While that analogy may sound…

  • Annihilation



    Revisiting this in theaters confirms the seed of a thought that’s been gestating in me since my first screening: this is going to be an all-timer movie for me.
    My body has a visceral reaction to the finale of this movie due to the incredible crystallization of the abstract themes it plays with in a spell-binding sequence. I am humbled by the magic that takes place when a piece of art resonates with me, as this movie does. I struggle…