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  • Smurfs: The Lost Village

    Smurfs: The Lost Village

    3/10 bad
    The smurfs isn't disgusting, It's just not worth seeing. The writing is cheesy, corny, and cliche. Most of the jokes and gags have been in so many other children movies its almost annoying. There is no character development or arc of any sort. The visuals were nice, and some of the creature designs were neat. I guess the real question is, would I take my child to see this (if i had one) and the answer is an easy no. Go watch a Pixar or Disney film instead.
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  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    -- 7/10 Good --
    Ghost in the Shell could of been a great film, but its trapped by its lazy beat by beat plot, that plays generic and flat. Bummer, considering the direction by Rupert Sanders is nice. The lead actress, Johansson clearly put the effort to portray a ghost trapped in a robotic carcass, her walk even shows the weight she carries. She is never given a moment to show it off though. The enormous holograms and practical robotic…

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  • Logan



    This isn't a superhero film it's a western directed by James Mangold. It's about a man dealing with consequences. A bitter, stabbing, aching, send out for a character that until now has gotten the film he has always deserved. Jackman nails his final outing tugging at heart strings that no superhero film has been able to do. People die, brutally and savagely, but more than that you can see a family live, hope, and struggle to survive. The film delivers…

  • Ant-Man



    This film could of been Fun, Engrossing, Captivating and Astonishing if they had used the simple tools at their disposal. The script was patched together, loose and often uninteresting. The acting was bland and cheesy, except for Michael Douglas. The Directing was weak and under-developed and under imagined , except a spectacular finale of a fight scene. In all, I blame Marvel, we could of had something so rare, but instead we get a generic superhero film that tries to…