It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

It Follows is one of the most unique horror movies I have ever seen. And I think that is where all the recent hype following this movie stems from. This movie sports a pretty original concept and world, that makes for a unique experience. It Follows haunts you. Not many horror flicks deal with sensitive issues or taboos as their central theme but It Follows never shies away. The film on a whole is utterly chilling in a very strange and uncommon way, as its horror is dark and deeply psychological, although the mode of its transference is certainly physical. I am not going to divulge the details of the plot here, because I went into this movie having no idea of the premise, merely knowing it was a horror movie. And I believe I benefited a lot from that decision. It is difficult to write a review on this movie without spoilers, but I really hope if anyone sees this review, they are inspired to see the movie. Because this movie isn't a typical horror movie, and was made on a 2 million dollar budget. So it deserves to be seen by many. This is a fantastic movie that I would put on par with The Babadook. It has a fantastic moral message which is a breath of fresh air... The acting is great, the soundtrack is TO DIE FOR. Ask anyone, it literally makes the movie as great as it is. The ending is super special, and the entire package is sealed by a steady confident director (David Robert Mitchell). I cannot wait to keep tabs on this talented guy.

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