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  • A House on the Bayou

  • The Manor

  • Bingo Hell

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  • A House on the Bayou

    A House on the Bayou

    A troubled couple and their daughter go on vacation to an isolated house in the Louisiana bayou to reconnect as a family. But when unexpected visitors arrive, the unity starts to unravel.
    This movie had some pretty rough acting but the story was good old bare bones horror.
    I'm not quite sure I understand the way everything fit together, but it was a fun watch if you can get past some wooden acting. The stand out was Jacob Lofland as…

  • The Manor

    The Manor

    After suffering a mild stroke, Judith Albright reluctantly moves into a historic nursing home where she becomes convinced a supernatural force is killing the residents.
    Barbara Hershey is wonderful in every way.
    This movie was a pleasant surprise. It was a slow burn reminiscent of 70's horror, with a believable payoff that made me like the film even more.
    This is not a cinematic masterpiece. There are a lot of clichés and things we've seen done in other horror movies,…

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  • Don's Plum

    Don's Plum

    This feels like a failed film school project. Nothing happens in this movie... the characters do not grow/learn/serve any purpose... the dialogue is mostly improv'ed and it shows in a bad way... YET...

    This was my obnoxious teenage years in a nutshell. IHOP, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes all night, talking loudly about stupid shit with my group of mall rats at Table 26.

    It's really surreal to see this cast of rising stars looking soo young.

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  • Wheels of Terror

    Wheels of Terror

    A twat waffle of an aggressive driver is terrorizing a small desert town with his his shitty spin outs, engine revving, and fish tails. Oh, and he's also abducting and abusing little girls. Twat waffle!
    A professional school bus driver has just moved to town with her own little girl, and lo and behold, the poor child is taken by Mr T Waffle right in front of mom as she's picking her girl up from school. In the SCHOOL bus.…