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  • Bad Girls from Valley High

    Bad Girls from Valley High

    Filmed in 2000, this movie sat in release limbo for 5 years before it was re-edited to cash in on the success of Mean Girls.
    What the hell, I loved it!
    It was so tonally schizophrenic and flat out strange and unnecessary that I found myself genuinely enjoying the mayhem about 30 minutes in.
    3 mean girls are mean. Their leader is the meanest. We are shown how mean they are when we follow them to their jobs at a…

  • Crimewave


    A pair of whacked-out cartoon-like exterminator/hitmen kill the owner of a burglar-alarm company, and stalk the partner who hired them, his wife, and a nerd framed for the murder, who tells the story in flashback from the electric chair.
    This is a strange little film that's not unpleasant to watch and has lots of quirk and funny moments, giving glimpses of what Director Raimi's career would become, but it seemed a bit off.
    Cross-genre is one way to describe it,…

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  • Wheels of Terror

    Wheels of Terror

    A twat waffle of an aggressive driver is terrorizing a small desert town with his his shitty spin outs, engine revving, and fish tails. Oh, and he's also abducting and abusing little girls. Twat waffle!
    A professional school bus driver has just moved to town with her own little girl, and lo and behold, the poor child is taken by Mr T Waffle right in front of mom as she's picking her girl up from school. In the SCHOOL bus.…

  • Don's Plum

    Don's Plum

    This feels like a failed film school project. Nothing happens in this movie... the characters do not grow/learn/serve any purpose... the dialogue is mostly improv'ed and it shows in a bad way... YET...

    This was my obnoxious teenage years in a nutshell. IHOP, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes all night, talking loudly about stupid shit with my group of mall rats at Table 26.

    It's really surreal to see this cast of rising stars looking soo young.

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