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  • Oh, Hello: On Broadway

    Oh, Hello: On Broadway


    You, uncultured: doesn't live in New York; doesn't understand these jokes

    Me, smiling serenely: doesn't live in New York; understands these jokes exclusively from watching other Gil and George content

  • Being There

    Being There


    My favorite 70s movies are a masterclass in letting scenes breathe. They don't lean on the theatercore dialogue of decades prior, nor the spectacle-driven plotting of decades afterward.

    Being There lets scenes play out in real time. Excruciatingly real time. From the filmmaker's perspective, this is terrifying - it becomes harder to mask ho-hum writing and acting. Luckily, the writing and especially the acting are pitch-perfect. Peter Sellers as Chance, and everyone in Chance's orbit, have to absolutely nail it…

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  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too


    It's 2019, grandpa. We're poptimistic now.

    I'd love to see a full-on campy, guilty pleasure version of this story. Though the script was too predictable to conjure up any crescendo of dread, there was fun to be had in the third act, when Brooker went absolutely ballistic with the silliness.

    A possibly intentional feeling I got is that this episode was made for a middle school comprehension level. The youth are a very vocal majority on Netflix. Maybe kids need…

  • They Came Together

    They Came Together


    The most quotable movie of all time that you can't quote without making sure someone in the room has seen it.

    The craziest snippet in the commentary is that the dinner conversation with Bill Hader and Ellie Kemper was conceived after the entire prodution was done shooting. It's such a natural and integral piece of the movie. Also, needless to say, Bill improvised all his best lines.

    It kills me that the movie is 82 minutes, yet there are so…