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  • The Raven

    The Raven


    Probably the silliest, most pointless movie I've ever seen and I enjoyed every minute!

  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    Likable but aggressively fine. Like a Coens flick without the wit and imagination. None of the (more than capable) performers stand out nor do any of the "jokes" or really any moments whatsoever. And it's a half hour too long at that. 
    Surprised that this is what inspired old Soderbergh to end his self-imposed "retirement".

    P.S. Why cast Seth MacFarlane and not an English  actor... or just, you know, an actor?

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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    Sometimes you eat the CGI bear, sometimes the CGI bear eats you.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I feel like this situation with Chazelle is very akin to the Trump presidency. After all the zealots freaked out about Whiplash we were like "sure, whatever, it's not a seriously good movie but it's fun enough" then when it got nominated for Best Picture it was like "okay... that's kinda weird. I guess people really feel like J.K. Simmons is overdue for his work in those Farmers ads and their enthusiasm just kinda spilled over" and then Whiplash wins…