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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    Not just a celebration of a unique, exceptional man, but of a transcendent perspective of childhood development and relational empathy. It’s striking (and strangely telling) that Fred Rogers’ philosophy on children’s programming succeeded so profoundly despite going counter to established formulas, not only in television metrics, but in societal norms as well. 

    Love and sincerity are transformative forces in this world, even as the more natural human tendencies of apathy and divisiveness constantly work to drown them out. In addition…

  • Cutter's Way

    Cutter's Way


    What an odd film. There are shades of domestic drama, postwar angst, indulgent character study, and pulpy noir, among a few other recognizable ingredients. Some of them meld really well and create a cogent, articulate story of damaged individuals sharing an authentic search for significance, justice and kinship. When these things clash, which they do in some key moments, it undermines all the good the film proves itself capable of. The lead performances from Bridges and certainly Heard are solid,…

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    A brutal, ethereal piece of magic. So much of Lynne Ramsay’s trim genre exercise comes at you sideways and opens up spaces you never expected to experience inside a story like this. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joe is a battered slab of a man, pieced together out of muscle and trauma, kept alive in spite of himself by a son’s love for his mother and a purposed specialty in rescuing captive girls. It’s such a fantastic performance, and a completely arresting auteurist vision of a broken would-be savior’s personal journey through a noirish hell.

  • Demon Seed

    Demon Seed


    Christie handles herself well, considering she’s acting opposite clumsy robotics with Robert Vaughn’s disembodied voice for nearly the entire movie. A bit heavy on the 2001 flushes. Overall, a bizarre (and grossly creepy at times) AI-gone-rogue horror story.