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  • Begin Again

    Begin Again


    (Second watch)

    This is pretty solid and low key. I like the two handed nature of this film and the message conveyed about how powerful music really is. I really liked Knightley and Rufflalo’s chemistry. Especially those lingering looks. Levine is surprisingly an okay actor and Corden is well ‘James Corden’ he has like zero range.

    This film is the antithesis of the light being at the end of the tunnel and I like the characters arcs from being at the worst possible point to where they want to me. 

    7.1 or 7.2/10

  • Once



    The documentary style filmmaking but not in the good way. Shaky cam is distracting. Was this shot for next to nothing. There is absolutely no colour correction here and most shots are handheld. I don’t care about these characters. This came so close to being a good movie. But it just left me feeling blasé because of the wasted potential. There’s a good story here but the camera work, framing and lack of lighting get in the way of that.…

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  • Joker



    “All I have are negative thoughts” 
    This is an interesting character study about a man who has mental health issues and was dealt a shit hand in life. 

    The strengths of this film are the performances. Phoenix gives a very layered performance that makes you have sympathy for what this character is going through. Another strength is the cinematography, the shots and the lighting are quite stunning.

    There were a couple of moments that I wasn’t expecting to happen and…

  • Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

    Bill Burr: Paper Tiger


    Honestly that flew by. Very entertaining, a couple of chuckles here and there. Had topical elements and got to the good personal stuff that I love to see in stand up specials. Burr has been at this for a long time and I’m glad that he’s still standing. Especially after all the toxic comments that come out about people hating comedians when they take jokes out of context. It’s stand up people. If you don’t like it turn it off…