Minari ★★★★½

there is love to be found even in the depths of hardship and despair. this was probably one of the best pieces of “slice of life” cinema i’ve seen in the past few years. score and cinematography are so unspeakably gorgeous and i really hope the academy gives them the recognition they deserve this year. the film has a very loose structure as far as its actual narrative but there is such a warm and tranquil chemistry beneath every scene and every setting. it’s especially strong because it feels like the film could have happened in any time period. the film’s most prevalent themes ring true in any era of american life, not just the 80’s (in fact i had to look up what year this was set in after watching because i couldn’t really tell). it opened my eyes to the struggles of immigrants while still reassuring that where there is family, there is hope. without a doubt one of the finest films of 2020.

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