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This review may contain spoilers.

ruben is a perfectly flawed protagonist. this is both the result of good writing with clear character motivation and a good actor that can wholly embody the role at hand. this film has both of those things.

by getting the cochlear implant he kind of enters an expensive, irreversible purgatory for which he never fully acknowledges his distaste. but you can clearly tell in his eyes and body language that there’s a large part of him that wishes he’d never gone through with the procedure. it isn’t until the last minute of the film that he finally is able to make peace with the silence. it’s an incredibly satisfying character arc, especially coming from a breakout director like mauder.

i like the triple-entendre title a lot. it can refer to drumming, to the implant or to the sound of deaf children banging on a slide. don’t even have to mention the extraordinary sound design of all three of these elements. check this one out if you get the chance. the sum of its parts is great, but the big picture gets better the more you replay it and relisten to it in your memory. a very simple but compelling concept executed very well.

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