Far from Men ★★★★

Remember that Gus Van Sant movie where Two people walk through a desrted landscape for the entire thing? this is basicly the same, only way better and with outstanding performances from Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb (Le Gitan from Un Prophete) and better locations (The Atlas Mountains).
The plot is very thin as it's basicly Viggo taking Reda, who is convicted of killing his cousin, to a nearby town in order to surrender him to the french authority who are more than likely to execute him on the spot.
However this film makes up for its simple story with the exploration of thye relationship of the two central characters with the Algerian Revolution taking place in the background.
This is probably a career best performance from Viggo Mortensen who's french might seem a bit wierd but his Algerian Dialect is more than decent and despite not speaking his mother tongue he still delivers the lines with great confidence. Reda Kateb also does a great job portraying a man who is ready to sacrifice his life so that his family can survive.
The Cinematography is reminiscent of the old western days, showing some breathtaking tableaux of god's work, intense close ups on character's faces in some dramatic moments, also good lightning in the night scenes.


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