Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★

It didn't turn out to be the pile of shit the two previous movies were.
Of course when I watch movies like the Resident Evil Movies I'm not looking for oscar worthy stuff, I'm just looking for the thrills of the action sequences and part of why I dislike the previous two films is because it's really bad for an action movie when the worst part about them are the action sequences.
In this final installement It's more action packed, Alice is like always Hot and Impossible to kill, there's a good if a bit cliched Villain played by Sir Jorah Friendzone Mormont who Captures our Heroin but of course she escapes and instead of cutting his throat she just cuts off his hand, Of course later we see why that had to be the way the writer chose to deal with the situation. anyway if you want logic in a Resident Evil movie than you're in the wrong place or you need a fucking head transplant. There's a bit of a twist by the end of the film that I saw it coming from miles away and another one that didn't have much of an impact on me, it's nice that they wanted to make a moral from this story by it's climax by trying to go full Tarkovsky on some shit but it completely feels off and we could've done without that part.
I noticed alot of people complaining about the editing in this one, it's really really fast, and some simple moves like a kick are shown from three different angles within a single second, but for the most part I thought it was decent and not the disaster that most people claim it is, maybe my eyes got used to that kind of stuff in American movies or whatever and it doesn't hide the fact that the film had some good choreography when it comes to the fighting sequences, but they force so much style on it that they come close to ruining it and Last but not least the last fight involves one of those tunnels with lasers that can cut you to salami, you know it's not a Resident Evil movie until you see one of those things.


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