Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

Quick story before my thoughts on the film.

I have a childhood friend who constantly brags on his social media about all the girls he brings home and what a “player” he is. Lately, he posted a Facebook story saying “Yes, I’m a playboy. But I have respect for women. That's why I can always take a NO” followed by the words “NoToRape," "AttractTheRightMen," and "Surround yourself with good guys.
    It’s these stupid fucking microaggressions that make movies like Promising Young Woman thematically necessary. Emerald Fennell holds up a mirror to society, and crafts something that may not be as amazing as one might expect from a revenge-thriller-slash-dark-comedy, but it still holds up; it’s delicious plusses outweighing its inedible minuses. It is understandable how mixed reactions are about the ending, depending on how you like your male-comeuppance dish best served, or whether you want it to be served at all. I, however, don’t mind it at all, seeing as how I’m one for retribution rather than reconciliation, but then again rage is in the eye of the beholder.
    I still think this is a necessary (and good) watch despite feeling that it could’ve been executed way better, but I can vouch that Promising Young Woman (and Carey Mulligan) has staying power.

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