Rashomon ★★★★★

The Criterion Challenge 2021
Week #2: Directed by Akira Kurosawa

In every sense of the word, Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon is a true classic. While Kurosawa’s screenplay is brilliant in a manner that it is unexpectedly simple yet deceptively intricate, the real gift of Rashomon is in its passion and visuals, a forefront in demonstrating that how you tell a story is just as important as what the story entails. 
    From the sustained struggle between bandit and samurai, to the disordered banter between priest and woodcutter, it is a futile mission to try and determine the exact chronology of what occurred in the woods. Maybe one doesn’t have to know, maybe one can’t know; absolute truth is probably enigmatic, and manages to escape humanity’s grappling hands, hands that probably think it knows everything. 
    It is 71 years later, and Rashomon has lost none of its staying power. I will bet you anything that watching this will be the most rewarding ninety minutes you have spent in a while.

The Criterion Challenge 2021
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