Suspiria ★★★★½

I was so infatuated by the movie that I immediately started saying “Markos” the same way they did during the end, but realized it sounded too much like I was hailing Marcos, a Filipino demon, so I just stopped. 

I haven’t been this at loss for words since watching Under the Skin. I finished Suspiria knowing I absolutely loved and adored it despite not knowing what in the world happened. There is something so intoxicatingly breathtaking with the imagery throughout the film; Dakota Johnson’s long, red hair being the film’s primary source of color in the start and then later on exploding in a blood-red orgy towards the end! The beautifuuuul choreography alongside the gruesome depictions of body horror is so morbidly transfixing and unforgettable. I am still in awe at how beautiful the production design of the film was, combined with the artful takes from the camerawork. Argento has created a matriarchal world with a foreboding atmosphere, powerfully led by a predominately talented female cast.
  I shall choose to look the other way when it comes to the needless complication of the political backdrop that was never fully developed throughout the film nor the wanting final stretch of the last sequence that makes you feel like the movie never reached its fullest potential but who 👏🏻 wants 👏🏻 to talk 👏🏻 about 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 when you realize that nobody can play the id, ego, and super-ego like Tilda Swinton can.

People are wrong!! This isn’t a horror film, it’s a musical fairy tale, and it’s going to sit with me for days.

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