Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

NOOOOOOO. No no no no nononononono.

Okay. Ugh. Highschool film buff me wasnt even a film buff because I had so much prejudice towards certain kinds of movies (ex. action movies, war movies, LOTR, Star Wars -yes i love them now, well except action-....and anime) Before you judge please please take note I was young and stupid and argh *sighs* pretentious. This year has been all about branching out from that kind of mentality and delving into movies I would’ve never watched before.
  So many of my anime lover friends over the years have begged me to watch this movie. I did specifically tonight because it expires from Netflix in a few days and I knew I’d never watch it if I had to *cough* download it elsewhere, anyway, totally legal. *cough*
  THIS IS BRILLIANT. I cant believe I waited so long to watch this. Let's list down everything that is brilliant about this movie: the animation, the storytelling, the dialogue, the narrative, THE SCORE, THE CHARACTERS. Did I list down storytelling already?? I love how it’s romance and comedy and adventure AND tackles time travel and body swapping??? Yummm. I think my absolute favorite part of this movie -everything’s my favorite but if I had to choose- it would be the comet. Idk, ever since Melancholia I’ve found comets intoxicatingly beautiful and terrible at the same time. Which is what I want to bring up. I loved the scene when everyone admires the comet and the visuals were stunning and the score was riveting and you just knew it was this terrible disaster about to happen but can’t help but admire it anyway. I love that. 

Watch this movie please if you havent seen it yet. My first anime movie, yayy!! Suggest me more anime movies (already on my list: Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies)

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