Broadcast News

Broadcast News

All I had going in was a vague memory of people saying something something Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.

Holy shit though! Holly Hunter! And, like, everyone in this movie! But also Holly Hunter!

I want to go back to 2015 for a moment and remember watching A Bigger Splash with my wife. Seeing Ralph Fiennes gyrating to the Stones, having somehow closely observed me and my embarrassing man-dancing and replicated it to a T, and Kris pissing herself laughing while I writhed in my seat.

Well. Broadcast News was two hours and thirteen minutes of me with a big shit-eating grin on my face while Kris tried to hide herself behind a pillow.

Paul: "It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you're the smartest person in the room"
Kris: No, it's awful.
Jane: "No, it's awful."

Reader, I howled.

I feel I'm getting away from how great this movie is and I apologise for that. It nails so many specific ways of being unhappy as an adult. I love all the little bits of business. People fiddling with phones, and foliage, and misreading awkward goodbye hugs. People being uncool. People being at work. The little bit with the guys performing the new music they've written, which has no special reason to exist apart from being adorable and hilarious. I love how casually Jack Nicholson is in this, a heavyweight brought on for just a couple of scenes to bring that heavyweight energy. Twenty years previous it could have been Orson Welles. I love Albert Brooks and his compelling/repelling admixture of journalistic fire and raging self-pity.
I don't feel seen by this movie to the extent that Kris did, but when Holly Hunter tells William Hurt to stop whining that everyone is smarter than him and do something about it...well, if it's never been yelled at me it's only because my friends are too nice.

There is a sadder side to watching this in 2020, as people in the 80s lament job losses and the corruption of news by entertainment. Strap in guys. You have no idea what's coming down the pipe.

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