Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

LOVED it. Better than the first? Hard to judge, they're different stories.

Considering all the physical torture Daniel Craig reportedly went through playing James Bond -- while that was quite fine in itself -- it feels almost disrespectful to suggest that I find his much more relaxed Benoit Blanc character a lot more memorable. A modern Southern Holmes, almost.

And I really loved how completely visibly exasperated he became at how simple and uncomplicated the entire mystery was for him. :D

I've been seeing a lot of backlash against this, and after seeing it, I think I understand it: clearly it strikes a raw nerve against shitty 'influencer culture'. But even more damning: it takes a massive swipe, intentionally or not, at Elon Musk.

Which is, of course, great timing considering what an total ass-clown shithead he's exposed himself as being after the recent Twitter fiasco. It's unsurprising that sycophants would be pushing an agenda of retaliation at so fragile a juncture in that fraud's history.

So I guess that adds a... layer... of extra delight to an already terrific mystery movie.

More Benoit Blanc, please! We're two for two at this point. 🍻

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