The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz ★★★★★

What can I say? I can't give a "rating" to something like this -- it's a classic. It's ground zero of so many tropes and jokes. I am not worthy to judge, so it gets a 5 because what am I going to say? Oh, the VFX were terrible and clearly filmed on a stage? IT'S THE ORIGINAL WIZARD OF OZ, YOU TIT.

If this was made today, conservatives would call it "woke" because Dorothy doesn't take any shit. She'll floss your metaphorical teeth with Toto's very literal ass hairs.

But for real, it's a damned fun little film.

A little heavy on the munchkin hangings, though. I like to think a film can get by on it's own merits without resorting to that base urge in us all. But I didn't ding it a star for that. It's 1939. They invented this. Perspective.

Otherwise, I dug it. 🐒

- I only discovered tonight that this was originally filmed in Technicolor and not filled in with crayons by "recolorists" in the 1980s.

- Dorothy has a double, if not triple body count: she kills the Witches of both the East AND West, and likely doomed the Wizard of Oz to asphyxiate in the upper atmosphere. She's a stone cold killer in hot red shoes.

- They did NOT use the "meat dog" line from the original story. This is unforgivable. I should dock a star for that.

- The conflict from the opener is STILL IN PLAY: Almira Gulch's threat of legal action is still relevant and did not just "go away" because Dorothy had an acid trip. Sequel fodder cliffhanger?

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