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  • The Immigrant

    The Immigrant


    Something of a female take of the DeNiro portion of Godfather Part II; just lush and heartbreaking. The kind of movie they don't make anymore. And although its feminist edge is dulled by the third act, it, nonetheless, stays true in its skewed morals (the same ones this country was founded on) and paints a stunning picture of cruelty, nationalism, misogyny, and overcoming. Incredible performances abound. Though I have to say, I could not get out of my mind that it was Weinstein himself who torpedoed this film, because he wanted to control it. The irony is not lost.

  • Soldier Blue

    Soldier Blue


    Dated, heavy-handed, but ultimately bold and absolutely effective. No masterpiece, but still important and underseen.

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  • Nightcrawler



    It's like someone took Training Day, Drive, and American Psycho, stripped from each any gimmick or romanticism, then pressed what remained with a car crusher into a brisk two hour tension panini of pitch black biting satire. It made me want to vomit for all the right reasons. It's fucking magical and I can't recommend it enough.

  • Enemy



    Love it or not. Enemy is a movie that will be around and discussed forever. I'd call it a masterpiece.