Grizzly Man ★★★★

Werner Herzog draws together video footage shot over years and interviews with friends and family to tell the story of Timothy Treadwell, a self-described advocate for the grizzly bears of ALaska, spending every summer living among them, and getting dangerously - some would say insanely - close to them. He was eventually killed and eaten by one, though, as Herzog notes, it wasn't one of the bears he had spent years bonding with.

Treadwell is an interesting, complex person, but when one acquaintance says he spent so many years unharmed among the bears "because they knew there was something wrong with him," some of the footage bears that out, as he becomes paranoid and resentful of the civilized world.

The portrait is intriguing and multi-faceted; Treadwell's footage is unique.

I'm still wondering how he recharged his video camera's batteries in the middle of nowhere.