Redline ★★★★

If you took Wacky Races and Speed Racer, combined them with video games like Wipeout XL and Rock 'n' Roll Racing, and then threw in some totally insane anime tropes, you might come close to the experience of Redline.

Set in a futuristic world where the deliriously fast Redline race is run every five years on a different planet with a deadly environment, this movie is largely concerned with rockabilly dragster Sweet JP, his heavily customized Trans Am, and his Mob-entangled mechanic.

Awesomely fun, made even more fun by being composed of hand-drawn animation. The English dub is well-done, allowing me time (that would be otherwise be spent reading subtitles) to admire that gorgeous artwork. (A re-watch with the original Japanese track is pretty hilarious, too)

And...add another to my list of "Man, why couldn't the Heavy Metal movie been more like this?" films.