Star Trek Into Darkness ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Four stars for entertainment. I was definitely entertained, and slightly deafened.

But I find I have some questions after viewing.

1) Did James T. Kirk burn J.J. Abrams' village to the ground when the director was only a child? Is this why both Star Trek movies have been an exercise in finding different ways to beat the crap out of Kirk?

2) Why in the world did McCoy have a dead tribble on hand?

3) Why did Khan decide to hide out on the Klingon home world? That was a fantastically complicated plot with multiple possibilities for failure from such an advanced being.

4) For that matter, if it is possible to teleport across galactic distances with such accuracy, why are we bothering with spaceships at all?

5) Are we finally, FINALLY finished with the douchebro version of Kirk?

6) As my pal Dave pointed out, thank you Star Fleet and McCoy for curing death! Hope Khan and his crew can make lots of blood in cryosleep!