The Godfather: Part III ★★★★

I honestly don't know what movie other people were watching.

You hate Sofia Coppola? Fine. She makes a better director than an actress, I agree. But if you think she's horrible, you haven't seen enough movies. I can show you horrible acting.

Was it the tying in of the 30 day reign of John Paul I with a Vatican conspiracy angle? I have some Oliver Stone movies you should probably watch.

Is it because Michael Corleone was made to pay for his sins committed over two movies? Is it because there's not enough mafia stuff in there for you? Is it because Paramount wouldn't pay Robert Duvall, so there's no Tom Hagen? Is it because there's not as much blood as in the other two movies?

I don't get it. I enjoyed it. That is all I ask of a movie.

Though I will agree with you on the Robert Duvall thing.