The Wolverine ★★★

As the X-Men movie franchise staggered, Fox served up another movie featuring surefire box office character Wolverine (whom Hugh Jackson has, admittedly, made even more interesting than the comics counterpart). It's certainly better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but that's a low bar to hurdle.

Logan suffers PTSD after the events of the franchise-strangling The Last Stand, and is dragged back to the real world from his wilderness self-exile - to Japan, in fact, where he winds up protecting the granddaughter of a WWII acquaintance from yakuza, ninjas, evil mutants... the whole magilla. It is a remarkably complex plot for something that moves so slowly.

Admittedly, they are taking the time to tell a love story. There are some impressive superhero shenanigans, but the best one happens only halfway through the movie - a hand-to-hand fight on top of a bullet train going 300mph. And frankly, the now-mandatory Marvel coda scene during the credits is a very clumsy segue to Days of Future Past, one that Fox hoped would be forgotten by the time that movie finally hit theaters.

But it is better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.