Land of Mine

Land of Mine ★★★★★

A beautiful study on the contradictory nature of resentment and the importance of forgiveness. The message is both timely and timeless.

Director Martin Zandvliet combines gripping tension and powerful emotion in this accomplished war thriller. It absolutely riveting from start to finish, both on a thematic and a visceral level. The performances are uniformly excellent.

The film accomplishes the task of making us care for the Germans by casting them as children, barely old enough to understand the consequences of the war they were conscripted to fight. But the real emotional gut-punch of the film comes from the touching dynamic that builds between the young POW’s and their captor, a Danish Sergeant who is dealing with his own complex trauma.

It poses wrenching emotional questions, and shows how the battles of war rage on long after a victor has been declared.

The film received a well-earned nomination at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

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