The Cabin in the Woods ★★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

What this film WILL do:
- Go down in cultdom.
- Become a fan favourite.
- Add more fuel to the beast that is the Whedon Machine.
- Never allow any other horror movie to look at itself in the same way ever again.
- Hold up on many re-watches.

What this film WILL NOT do:
- Be popular with meat-headed horror directors.
- Grant people with the ability to create better stoner characters.
- Grant Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford with Best Supporting Actor nominations (although it really should).

Wow...having thought over The Cabin in the Woods a lot after I saw it first in April, I thought that the re-watch would be full of plot holes. But no. Instead, what we have is an intricately woven set of clues that reveal themselves to previous viewers immediately, making everything about two times funnier and more ironic than it was first time. Dialogue tells us out-and-out what is happening, without being too obvious. First time, it seems like nonsense, and it only eventually ties things up in the final scene, but now, we can see this semi-serious, semi-farcical masterpiece as a slowly revealing tease.

And it IS a masterpiece; think the biggest rule-breaker since Scream and make it 100 times more ambitious and you might be close.

Bonus point for the fact that on the betting board reads the description of 'Angry Molesting Tree'. Evil Dead, anyone?

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