The Letterboxd Community's 50 Favourite Westerns

Since there's a recent influx of lists calling far and wide for personal favourites of certain time periods (jvince's The LETTERBOXD Community’s Top Movies of the 2000s), certain genres (SchederzMoviez's Top 50 Horror Films of the Letterboxd Community) and that all-important top 10 of all time (Hentai Cop's The Letterboxd Top 250), it seems it's time for my personal favourite genre: WESTERNS.

Simply, make a top 10 of your favourite westerns, and post it here on this list. The points will be allocated as so:
#1 gets 10 points
#2 gets 9 points
#3 gets 8 points
#4 gets 7 points
#5 gets 6 points
#6 gets 5 points
#7 gets 4 points
#8 gets 3 points

  • Western