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  • I Spit on Your Grave

    I Spit on Your Grave


    One of the better recent remakes for sure. The rape scenes aren't as prolonged as the original but this film still has impact. I'm glad Matthew made it back. That was the only perp I ever had sympathy for not being a full quid. Nice effort.

  • The Hallow

    The Hallow


    An Irish couple move into the country to be attacked by demonic "Wee Folk". Genuinely scary in places with a permanent atmosphere of dread. A great little movie even though it's not the most original of films. Definitely recommend checking out.

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  • Surveillance



    Great little Crime Thriller by David Lynchs daughter Jennifer. Definitely recommend this sucker. Very watchable . Details 2 FBI agents who come to take evidence but is everything what it seems? Less I say about this the better.

  • Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

    Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS


    One of the first and still the best Nazploitationers and most probably the template for the Italian stuff to follow . This sucker was made on the disused sets of Hogans Hero’s by a Canadian director Don Edmonds. Ilsa decides to conduct pain experiments to show that women can endure more pain than men, in order to show that they too should be allowed on the frontline to fight. While she’s not doing that she is castrating any male who…