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  • gas_n_go032416



    Oh my.

    Definitely the best short I've seen from a Letterboxd user. I'm kind of surprised how the multiple camera shots worked so well. I think a lot of the tension comes from the score which I really liked but I also thought the overall raw feel to it added a lot with how actors would act and move. Definitely think you all should check it out asap.

  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides


    Captures the frustrations of being a teenager extremely well and the breaking of innocence in a suburb. I'm glad I found a Sofia Coppola movie that I like that isn't Lost in Translation. While I don't think she'll ever top Lost in Translation this was definitely a great stepping stone for Coppola. Maybe because of my age but it was definitely something I related to a lot. While the beginning left me a bit cold as it progresses the movie gets better as you learn more about the Lisbon sisters. 

    Also Kirsten Dunst is one of the prettiest women alive.

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  • Song to Song

    Song to Song


    I was in fucking awe of this film. How can someone make something this beautiful? This poetic? This majestic? I didn't think I could love Rooney Mara more but holy shit she is my fucking God. Ryan Gosling in his best performance since fucking Drive. Natalie Portman is fantastic as always. Michael Fassbender is a fucking legend in this film. Malick has never made a film this romantic, this intimate, this lovely, this heartbreaking, and this beautiful. I'm L I V I N G !

  • Oldboy



    Studio: All right, Spike. What do you got for us?
    Spike Lee: Ok so let's do an Oldboy remake!
    Studio: Ok that's great and doesn't sound like a complete waste of time! So tell us some of the changes you'll be making. 
    Spike Lee: Ok so let's make Oh Dae Su's name Joe!
    Studio: Sure! Why not?! 
    Spike Lee: Let's also make Oh Dae Su in this version basically Superman where he feels no pain from every stab or…