The Fundamentals of Caring ★★★

Netflix Challenge #13
A Netflix Original Film

"A little bit of the James?"

This was...good. Just that. Your typical Sundance film. I swear to god these Sundance indies need new soundtracks. They sound like they came straight from iMovie. Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts did a good job but Selena Gomez was pretty terrible. Her character was pretty inconsistent, even when she spoke. She curses like a sailor in the beginning and at first I thought they were going to have a language joke in there somewhere but they never do that and she just stops cursing altogether. No reason whatsoever! Also the mother doesn't act like a regular human being in this film and it was really weird and awkward. I know this sounds minor but I really get bugged with character inconsistencies. Plots would just vanish and never be talked about again and there's a pretty terrible CGI shot at the end. I will say there were funny parts during the film. Every scene with Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts is great and they have some fun moments like when they see the biggest cow. Overall, I liked this film. It has some charm but is riddled with inconsistencies throughout. Netflix REALLY has to step up their Movie game. Hopefully War Machine is as great as Beasts of No Nation. 

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