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  • Born of Fire

    Born of Fire


    how do I get mystic visions they seen dope

  • Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky


    Huh, I wonder what Cruise and Crowe could possibly see in this story of a man so obsessed with his own performance that he remolds his perception based on pop culture? Really telling on yourself there, guys! One of the most emotionally vulnerable movies to ever be this fucking ridiculous - men will make a 68 million dollar millennial mind-warper before going to therapy. Shame it’s the longest movie ever made! Reminds me - gotta see Collateral Beauty, which seems like a direct (and even dumber) response to this.

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  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young


    Refn doubling down on everything that makes him so divisive - if The Neon Demon went "beyond feminist," this thing goes even further, with the white-hot searing rage against those who exploit women that might be explosive in a picture with a reasonable runtime stretched out into lengthy neon tableaux with basically no regard for pace. So... catnip for us Refnomaniacs fed up with toxic masculinity and terrified at the creeping resurgence of fascism, a slow drip of fury unfurled as…

  • I Am Autism

    I Am Autism



    I feel like now that this has been (rightfully) widely ridiculed for a decade it’s OK to admit that it’s also probably the funniest thing to ever happen. If you think I’m wrong, what the fuck are you gonna do about it - cure me with voodoo? No matter how many times I see this I break into hysterics as soon as it starts. Cuarón hates his kid so much, y’all.