Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★

The story is inconsequential at best and incoherent at worst, Ford is stiff (deliberately? Who cares!), and I don't think this has actual themes as much as pretends to have them, but goddamn if it isn't the best looking movie ever made, and with one of the all-time great scores to boot! Even if this is a movie with characters and conflict and plot, none of which it needs (this is 5 star worldbuilding in service of a 3.5 star movie), it's still something I'll watch literally whenever. There's a non-zero chance that I'll see this again tomorrow, which would be the second time I watch this movie two nights in a row- I can complain all I like, but Scott, Mead & Vangelis* really made something special here.

*and Hauer, of course. I got a little bit uppity when he passed and every obituary focused on his performance here- it felt like people just ignored how extensive and reliably terrific his career was... but damn, he really is good here, even if he is totally underutilized.

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