Daniel Isn't Real ★★★

Pretty blatantly Hereditary + Mandy + Jacob's Ladder + Fight Club by way of the best of 80's NYC trash (think Henenlotter and Lustig), but for better and for worse, ends up reminding me of nothing more than Andrew Getty's The Evil Within. Doesn't have the revealing outsider thrill of Getty's oddball late-night classic, but makes up for it in sheer commitment to the bit. This totally mishandles mental health, literalizes every metaphor six ways from Sunday, but unlike other movies that try to pretend they have nuance, this takes genuine pride in the ludicrous dumb energy. Everyone is having so much fun with this goofy, sleazy nonsense. Schwarzenegger is ridiculous. I've said before that I prefer this SpectreVision psych-horror freakout type thing to the "elevated" stuff, but if this is how those approaches are bridged, more please.

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