Landscape Suicide

Landscape Suicide ★★★½

Frustrating- working with a lot of capital-B-Big ideas, but never quite fully synthesizes them. I like what Benning's going for here a lot, more than I imagine I would like what he shoots for in his landscape films, but the problem (that's probably a bit of a harsh word) is that he's so much better at the landscapes than he is the rest of it. Not that he's bad at the true-crime docu-data asceticism, on the contrary, he's certainly got an aptitude for it, pulling off a few sequences (if you've seen it, you know) that are clearly the work of a master of this barely-purveyed niche and managing to consistently utilize bad/boring music to brilliant effect, it's simply that the narrative-leaning portions feel less expertly constructed than the simple static shots, and despite what Benning may want you to believe, the land isn't what does the majority of the heavy lifting here. I'm sure this will linger with me for a while all the same, and I can't wait to see Benning's Los Angeles movie (and steal this flick's title for a band/album name or something cuz hot damn), but I think a film like Wisconsin Death Trip ultimately pulls this off a little bit better, albeit not in quite as interesting a fashion.

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