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  • Destiny
  • The Phantom Carriage
  • Bringing Up Baby
  • Wild Strawberries

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  • Sullivan's Travels

    Sullivan's Travels


    I suffer from a strange, unspoken disease – lacking a diagnostic appellation, I am forced to concoct one of my own: I here call it “misaudiency” and offer the term with all sympathy to my fellow-sufferers.

    But what is this designer malady, this specialty sickness? Nothing more than an inability to abide a certain sort of reaction shot: an allergic intolerance of audience cutaways.

    It is perhaps a matter for my psychoanalyst why the sight of a mirthful crowd should…

  • The Chaser

    The Chaser


    The four greatest stimuli to laughter are rigidity, automatism, absentmindedness and unsociability. (Langdon)

    Harry Langdon dresses up as a woman and kills off his own career in The Chaser. After this penultimate shuffle down the byways of comic obliquity, he’d direct only one other feature film.

    Is this movie actively misogynistic? Is the joke that it would be degrading for a man to be treated like a woman – and if so, does the inferiority lodge within Woman herself, or…

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  • I Know Where I'm Going!

    I Know Where I'm Going!


    Compass courtesy of Curated Cupcake Cinema

    I know where I’m going. Graduate in four years, get an internship, see foreign countries for culture. Avoid fatty foods, be sure to exercise, graduate in two years. Maintain your network, volunteer, take antibiotics when sick. Get promoted in three years, invest wisely, pay off your loans, lay out a down payment. Married by thirty, child by thirty-three, corner office by thirty-five. Dead at seventy-four, laid in the ground: where I was going all…

  • The Wildcat

    The Wildcat


    The Lubitsch touch is a fallen hair extension coiled on snow.

    The Lubitsch touch? A mountain bandita erotically tickling her minions’ bums with a whip.

    Nothing says touch of Lubitsch like swing jazz marshmallow orgy.

    A contraband carrot confiscated from under a conscript's pallet – Lubitsch touch all over.

    The Kommandant (Victor Janson) in his art deco fortress awaits the arrival of one Lieutenant Alexis (Paul Heidemann), Don Juan of the regiment. In crossing the snowy wastes en route to…