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  • Venom



    I don't think anybody was really clamoring for a "Venom" movie- but here it is and it's actually a very entertaining b-movie comic flick!

    Felt like a darker version of The Mask if that makes any sense. The second half almost turns into a buddy movie between a guy and his symbiote.

    Tom Hardy puts his all into it- his strange delivery of the inane dialogue and quirky humor make it all work.

    Plus the CGI (and I almost never…

  • Destry Rides Again

    Destry Rides Again


    Never thought a Jimmy Stewart western would include a Marlene Dietrich catfight scene that's longer than the Roddy Piper and Keith David brawl in "They Live" but here it is.

    Pretty bawdy and cynical for its time. Wasn't expecting much out of this and it punched well above its weight.

    Stewart plays a mild mannered deputy sheriff who outwits the saloon owner and town boss played by Professor Quatermass himself Brian Donlevy.

    Dietrich is the head dance hall girl (and…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    John Carpenter's masterpiece- the perfect film to watch during Blizzard 2016.

    Only Kurt Russell can make a ridiculous "Yosemite Sam" hat look cool.

    "They're not Swedes, Mac, they're Norwegians!"

  • Enemy



    Between "Nightcrawler" and this film, Jake Gyllenhaal had one hell of a year in 2014.

    I wasn't sure if I liked this one at first- but it definitely resonated with me in a strong way. It stays with you, and leaves you thinking.

    It's a surreal look at a man struggling with the encroaching responsibilities of fatherhood- at least that's my take. Some definite echoes of Kafka and Lynch here.

    I was really taken with how the film itself made…