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  • Re-Animator



    I'll bet that "Talking Heads" poster in Dan's bedroom has seen some pretty wild stuff even before Herbert West moved in!

    I watched this for the umpteenth time via Joe Bob's Last Drive-In. He had some good details about the production I'd never heard- namely it was made by "theater people" who rehearsed extensively before they filmed which is uncommon. Very similar to "Return of the Living Dead" which may explain the quality of those films over other schlocky horror movies of the time.

    And there was a whole hypnosis "mind control" subplot involving Dr. Hill that was taken out.

    Somewhat more extensive previous review here.

  • The Sacketts

    The Sacketts


    TV miniseries based on the novels of Louis L'Amour starring young Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck. A solid and enjoyable cowboy picture from the same year that John Wayne passed away.

    It's a nice cross between the classic western with the heroes adhering to a strict moral code in a lawless frontier, and the spaghetti westerns of the time with a more authentic feel and appearance.

    There's one scene in particular where Tom Selleck is romancing a young lady with…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    John Carpenter's masterpiece- the perfect film to watch during Blizzard 2016.

    Only Kurt Russell can make a ridiculous "Yosemite Sam" hat look cool.

    "They're not Swedes, Mac, they're Norwegians!"

  • Enemy



    Between "Nightcrawler" and this film, Jake Gyllenhaal had one hell of a year in 2014.

    I wasn't sure if I liked this one at first- but it definitely resonated with me in a strong way. It stays with you, and leaves you thinking.

    It's a surreal look at a man struggling with the encroaching responsibilities of fatherhood- at least that's my take. Some definite echoes of Kafka and Lynch here.

    I was really taken with how the film itself made…